Making System Operator Training Easy!

Start your PER-005 journey with confidence -
We're here to help you every step of the way!

We can help you meet PER-005 requirements at an affordable price. Regardless of the level of support you need, our experienced consultants are available to provide subject matter and/or instructional systems expertise, facilitation and development assistance to ensure that you comply with all the requirements.

The QTS Benefit

Leverage our consulting expertise to navigate the old, new or unexpected in order to satisfy PER-005 requirements with:

  • Convenience. Using QTS consulting services is an ideal option for companies that are eager to complete their JTA, design training programs, and develop custom training materials, but are too busy to invest the time
  • Speed. Because we are experienced our consultants can work efficiently, without sacrificing quality
  • Quality Results. Our training consultants are highly qualified and can help you get your JTA and training design right the first time, so that it is easier to maintain going forward
  How Can We Help You
  • Map out a path toward PER-005 compliance
  • Complete a JTA - or help you complete your own
  • Design your initial operator training program
  • Develop OJT programs for reliability-related tasks
  • Develop customized and self-study training materials, lesson plans, simulator scenarios, and workshops for your initial and continuing operator training programs
  • Conduct mock PER-005 Audits
  • Provide turn-key training solutions: we do it all!
What Does Our Support Look Like

We are there to meet your needs:

  • Expert facilitation to collect task and technical information from your operators
  • Instructional design to develop training materials
  • Project management to complete projects on time and under budget
  • Training and education for your staff, allowing them to continue with the PER-005 implementation with confidence

JTA - where to start?

What are our reliability-related tasks?

How can we implement PER 005?

  • Project Scope: Job Task Analysis for two positions of average complexity
  • Project Timeline: Three Months
  • Project Steps:
    • Quick review of your position job descriptions and procedures to make preliminary selection of sections of our generic data that apply
    • Two and one half days on-site for initial interviews to understand tasks associated with each operator position and customize the generic data
    • Clean up the data file and send preliminary task list for each position to Client for review
    • Three days on-site to finalize task list and conduct interviews to identify task details and select or develop the skills/knowledge (SK) associated with each task
    • Complete organization of data in the QTD Datafile
    • Conference call to review SK list and get final feedback from Client - DONE