No matter how large or small your organization, where you stand with PER-005 compliance, or what is preventing you from achieving the highly performing workforce you desire, QTS will provide the expert advice and quality results you need to get it right.

Over the past several years, QTS has become known as the "go-to" team for PER-005 compliance services. Along with our unwavering commitment to quality, our eclectic mix of expertise is key to ensuring a successful outcome every time: deep knowledge of instructional systems (the SAT process); expertise in eliciting, interpreting, organizing, and clearly reporting large amounts of job task related data; understanding of the system operator job functions; and strong project management.

We understand that each client has unique circumstances that require customized solutions.

  • Needs Assessment
  • Task List
  • DIF Survey
  • Task Details
  • Learning Objectives
  • Training Map
  • ILA Design Specifications
  • OJT Guides
  • Qualification Checklists
  • Self Study Guides
  • Classroom Instructor Notes
  • Test Items
  • Training Policies, Procedures, and Internal Controls
  • Training Administration Support
  • Annual Training Program Evaluation
  • Pre-Audit Assessments

As required by PER-005, QTS can provide whatever you need to help you implement a comprehensive Systematic Approach to Training based on the ADDIE model.

Training Program and Compliance Maintenance

PER-005 compliance is not a discrete project or a one-time deal. Indeed, initial compliance often requires a considerable up-front investment of time and resources. However, it doesn't end there. The standard also requires annual review and update of the task list, as well as annual evaluation of the training program and identification and implementation of necessary changes. PER-005 is a new paradigm; a training program must be a living, breathing organism that receives regular care and maintenance. Companies need to ask themselves: Are they prepared for this additional work load? Do they have the necessary processes in place? Do they have available resources?

QTS can help. We understand the requirements and have developed processes that utilities can use to meet the ongoing requirements of PER-005. We are ready to take on the "tedious stuff" to assist you in meeting those requirements.