The Quality Training Database (QTD)

The QTD™ Product Line

The Quality Training Database™
Custom Report Builder (CRB) Test Development Tool (TDT) Employee Portal (EMP) QTD Content Library (QCL)

QTD™ Core Product

The Quality Training Database™ (QTD™) is Quality Training Systems flagship product for:

  • Managing the SAT Process
    QTD™ allows you to manage all the data needed to demonstrate use of the Systematic Approach to Training (SAT) in building your training programs as required by PER-005.
  • Managing Employee Class Schedules and Grades
    The QTD TM Main Product also allows you to store and organize all the data relating to training delivery as required for PER-005 compliance and tracking of operator certification. QTD™ allows you to notify your operators of upcoming training and directly upload your training records to NERC SOCCED.
  • Track Employee Training, Qualification, & Certification Requirements
    QTD™ maintains the employee records that you need to ensure your operators are trained, qualified, and maintain their certification. Customized alarms keep you on track with operator status.
  • Over 70 Pre-Configured Reports
    Many users have told us how QTD™ reports have helped them to prepare for audits and answer specific questions that the auditor have asked. NERC auditors know QTD™! They value the clarity and comprehensive nature of our reporting system.

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Custom Report Builder (CRB)

The Custom Report Builder (CRB) allows a QTD user to build quieries, export results to Excel and use Excel report features to create custom reports.

CRB expands your possibilities.

  • Increases the range of reports available for internal and external use
  • Responds to specific data requests from management, compliance, groups, auditors

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Test Development Tool (TDT)

Demonstrate the effectiveness of your training program with TDT. Users can develop Test Items matched to Learning Objectives (Skills/Knowledge) and Tests matched to ILAs. All data is linked in the QTD™ database.

Functionality of TDT includes:

  • Five types of test items; three taxonomy levels
  • Items can include graphics in one of three sizes
  • Items for tests can be selected randomly or individually
  • Different reports for testsand test items available

Why is TDT is a "must-have" addition to the QTD Core Product?

  • Demonstrate mastery of Skills & Knowledge objectives by creating and linking test items to assess competency.
  • Link tests, ILAs, and JTA data as required by the SAT process
  • Generate different versions of tests for a given ILA for re-takes or other purposes
  • When tests created in TDT are administered through the Employee Portal (EMP), test results auto-populate in QTD, saving you time and money.

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Employee Portal (EMP)

EMP, our recently-introduced web-based application, greatly increases individual employee ability to interact with QTD™. EMP is linked to QTD's SQL database and exchanges data with the database as needed.

When Employees log in to EMP, a dashboard with customized information is displayed.

With EMP, Employees can:

  • Complete tests developed in TDT on line; tests are automatically graded and results submitted to QTD™
  • Complete Student Evaluation forms
  • View upcoming classes and selected reports
  • Complete on-line training courses developed in SCORM compliant software such as Captivateand Articulate
  • All grades, completion dates, and related data can be viewed in QTD™

Here's why investing in EMP will reduce costs in implementing your training program:

  • Saves time in transcribingtest scores; no need tomaintain paper copies ofcompleted tests.
  • Saves time entering studentevaluation results into QTD
  • Provides Employees witheasy access to pertinentreports

The delivered content and the timing of delivery are managed by the instructor using the EMP Controls through the QTD™ Main Menu. Instructors can:

  • Determine when Employees can access tests and student evaluation forms and for how long
  • Develop your own training courses in an on-line program such as Captivate or Articulate anddeliver them via EMP!
  • Schedule delivery of on-line courses to Employee dashboards

Important features of EMP include:

  • All data flows through to QTD
  • Instructor panel controls schedules for online course complete adn transmits them to the Employee dashboard
  • Instructor panel also controls release of tests and release of studen evaulations to Employee dashboard
  • Configuratble settings for cut score, time available for test completion, etc.

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QTD Content Library (QCL)

With QTD Content Library (QCL) users have the elements at their fingertips to develop classroom and self study training materials directly using QTD. "Content Objects" include graphics, text, tabulated data, and more. These Content Objects are directly associated with learning objectives and ILAs. They are selected, organized, and exported to PowerPoint where they may be edited to build your final presentation. The same content objects may be reused as often as needed for different ILAs.

With QCL, you can:

  • Import content objects into your training library
  • Content can be text, graphics, tables or pictures.
  • Place the content objects on a shelf where they can be found easily
  • Link content to learning objectives.
  • Select content for a given presentation and export to PowerPoint for further editing

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Remote Hosting Service (Cloud Services)

Let QTS manage your IT needs so you can focus on your training program. QTS now offers Remote Hosting Service to our QTD customers. Remote Hosting provides our customers with easy access and automatic IT support for the entire QTD product line.

QTS provides a secure (SSAE 16 SOC-1 Type II) and redundant environment for QTD data. Our service guarantees a 99.9% uptime, automatic updates and patches, and full tech support.

Customers who choose Remote Hosting typically include those who require prefer more dedicated attention than they receive from in-house IT or do not have the availability of a SQL server. Both these needs can be met with the QTS Remote Hosting Service.