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"When planning our Job Task Analysis, we compared the merits of doing this from scratch with using QTS. We decided not to try to re-invent the wheel, but to use QTS instead!" - M. Scott, APS

Sample JTA Reports

Sample JTA Reports

"With QTD, it only takes about 2 hours a week to enter data. If we didn't have it, we'd spend about one day a week - four times as long! Now we only need to enter it one time." - D. Yinger, ITC

Sample Record Keeping Reports

Sample Record Keeping Reports

What is the Quality Training Database™?

Quality Training Database™ is a simple, easy to use software tool that training departments, compliance officers and system operators can use to satisfy industry training requirements:

QTD makes it easy to identify the specific tasks and skills/knowledge required for each of your operator positions

  • Gain access to a comprehensive catalog of task and skills/knowledge, developed by industry experts
  • Use QTD's generic positions, with pre-set linkages to tasks and skills/knowledge as a starting point for your JTA
  • Generate structured on-the job training guides and task qualification sheets

QTD Enables you to use your Job Task Analysis to develop a robust operator training program

  • Design Individual Learning Activities and store all data needed for CEH applications
  • Design initial and annual refresher training programs for each operator position
  • Create Individual Development Plan for each operator

QTD Simplifies your record-keeping, making it easy to generate report for management and auditors

  • Schedule training classes
  • Maintain employee training records including:
    • Annual emergency response training
    • CEHs toward re-certification
    • Progress toward annual Individual Development Plan
  • Upload to NERC SOCCED!
  • Create student evaluation surveys and compile results for each training class and ILA

Technical Requirements and Capabilities

  • The current version of Quality Training Database™ is designed to run on Microsoft SQL Server platform with a .NET front-end
  • Quality Training Database™ is designed for a multiuser environment, with the data file residing on a shared drive or server
  • Quality Training Database™ can be configured to communicate with your in-house Learning Management System (LMS)
  • We can help you import your existing employee records